Although having an Internet site is frequently described as simply uploading files to a web server and linking a domain to them, the truth is a whole set of services lies below any site that you see on the world-wide web. Only a couple of examples would be the chance to create and handle databases or email addresses, to access your files using FTP, to check out website visitor stats and to manage a number of domain records. All of these things contributes to your online presence in one way or another and if any of them is missing or is hard to handle, the overall management of your website can become annoying. In this light, it is essential to not only have full control of your web hosting space and domains, but also to be capable to manage them effortlessly.

Website Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

Our Linux cloud website hosting provide a powerful Website Manager tool where you can access everything relevant to your web presence fast and easy. The tool is part of our custom Hepsia CP and provides an extremely user-friendly interface, so you'll not have any issues even if you're building your first site and you have never had a web hosting account in the past. You shall find a list of all the domain addresses hosted in your account and by clicking on any of them, you will see numerous quick-access buttons for pretty much everything. With just a couple of clicks, you shall be able to check out and modify the WHOIS information if the domain address is registered through our company, to access the site files for it, to create a new database or to install a script-driven app. You can even create a new FTP account, look at site visitor statistics, and a lot more. All these options are accessible conveniently in one place.