A website installer is a tool that permits you to pick the most suitable script-driven app for your new website based on its purpose. Different from a script installer that just enables you to set up a particular application with a few mouse clicks, a website installer offers you more choices to choose a script that will fulfil your needs in terms of the type of website which you wish to build without researching ahead of time what each script is appropriate for. In case you're not very tech-savvy, this kind of a tool will save you time and work and shall enable you to create a beautiful, fully-functional website within seconds, so you can start adding your content through the script admin area. In this way, you could build your web presence without any difficulty and have the Internet site that you want right away - a web-based store, an image gallery, a blog, etcetera.

Website Installer in Cloud Website Hosting

All our cloud website hosting plans come with a site installer that's provided by default within the Hepsia CP at no additional cost. It will not only enable you to choose the best program for your website, but it will also permit you to pick from more than a thousand amazing templates, so you can create a professional website without spending lots of money for web design services. All it requires to do that is to choose a domain or a subdomain hosted in the account, choose the type of website and the template you like the most, and then pick what password and username you want to employ for the app admin area. Our system will set everything up within a few minutes, so you can start adding posts to your new blog, add products to an online store or upload pictures to your new photography portfolio.